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Beauty Treatments

The awakening of beauty and aesthetic harmony. The embracing manual skills of our experts, together with a personalized diagnosis and the innovative formula of our Janssen Cosmetics products, can efficiently stimulate the harmonious rebirth of your beauty. You can try our specific treatments, ideal to fight blemishes of your face and body skin, to model skin irregularities and to reduce the marks of time. An expert and professional approach, a cutting-edge line of products and personalized treatments represent our most efficient synergy to exalt your beauty. Non-invasive but innovative techniques that guarantee efficient results.

*With the purchase of a beauty treatment, the entrance to the spa will only cost 10 euros.


Face-focused wellness rituals. The expert hands of our Specialists accompany the cosmetic technology of the JANSSEN COSMETICS line, combining the modern technique of the massage and the functionality of the active principles contained in the texture of our aesthetic products. The treatment offers the formulas CLASSIC, SPECIAL and PRESTIGE according to the kind of masks and concentrates and it provides different procedures according to the specific need and to the kind of skin.



Duration: 50 min

Soft masks, cream or gel textures and treatment of fragile areas.

  • Regenerating: revitalizing treatment with vitamin C, oat and yeasts: 55€
  • Sensitive skin: vegetal extract-based treatment: 55€
  • Dehydrated skin: the hyaluronic acid reduces fine lines and signs of ageing: 55€
  • Impure skin: the clay and aloe vera guarantees a purifying action: 55€
  • Anti-age: treatment with soya and red-clover isoflavones: 60€


Duration: 60 min

Aromatized alginate mask, combined with precious active principles and distilled phials.

  • Regenerating: goji berry-based energizing treatment: 65€
  • Sensitive skin: pure aloe-based treatment: 65€
  • Dehydrated skin: the acai berries moisturise and smoothes the skin, with a lifting effect: 65€
  • Anti-age: treatment with acerola and vitamin C: 70€




Duration: 70 min

Collagen masks, specific active principles, concentrated serums and distillated phials for a highly specialized result.

  • Regenerating: vitamin C-based revitalizing treatment: 75€
  • Dehydrated skin: the hyaluronic acid provides deep hydration, making the skin look supple and youthful again: 75€
  • Anti-age: caviar-based treatment: 80€


The body treatments follow a series of exclusive proposals and they are identified according to one’s blemishes and desired benefits:



Duration: 60 min
€ 65

The mud of the Dead Sea is known for its detix properties. Thanks to this draining and modelling treatment, it is possible to eliminate water retention from the tissues of our organism, stimulating the elimination of toxins. A true treat for your skin.



Duration: 60 min
€ 65

The remodeling treatment, with innovative vegetal active principles and complex compounds of microalgae, reduces water retention, thus reactivating the circulatory lymphatic system and stimulating the metabolism: one of the most efficient remedy to treat this kind of blemish.



Duration: 60 min
€ 65

The regenerating and toning treatment with Eifel peat makes your skin velvety, elastic and smooth. The cocktail of precious active principles performs a perfect anti-oxidant action and it fosters the microcirculation.


Furtherly enhance your beauty.



Duration: 30 min
€ 20

Purify, exfoliate and moisturize your hands. Our professional manicure service aims at renewing the epidermis, making your skin softer and more velvety.

Application of semi-permanent polish € 25.


THE SPA Manicure

Duration: 45 min
€ 35

The formula THE SPA Manicure enriches the classical remedy with a deep scrub, a mask, a specific massage and a thorough and relaxing aesthetic manicure.



Duration: 30 min
€ 25

Customized and specific treatments dedicated to the care and beauty of your feet. The first step to obtain perfect feet begins with a ritual that starts from the very roots to spread a sensation of wellness all over your body.

Application of semi-permanent polish € 25.


THE SPA Pedicure

Duration: 45 min
€ 40

The formula enriches the classical remedy with a deep scrub, a foot mask and an intense final massage.


  • Eyebrows: 5 euros
  • Arms: 15 euros
  • Underarms: 10 euros
  • Groin: 15 euros
  • Half leg: 20 euros
  • Half leg + Groin: 25 euros
  • Full leg: 30 euros
  • Full leg + Groin + Underarms : 45 euros
  • Back: 20 euros

Epilation THE SPA

€ 20

Peeling Oxygenating Body scrub, followed by a gentle talc based waxing and a final Body Massage Tuscany.