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Beauty Treatments

A reawakening for your beauty and aesthetic harmony. The enveloping manual skills of our specialists, combined with the innovative formulas of our "Mei" line of wild phytocosmetics will effectively stimulate your beauty’s harmonious rejuvenation. You can try our specific treatments, perfect for combatting the unsightly imperfections of facial and body skin, shaping skin irregularities, and reducing the signs of ageing. An expert professional approach, a line of products based on food grade Absolutes, and targeted treatments are our most effective synergy to sublimate your beauty ensuring effective and visible results.


Phitoeudermia® means "beautiful skin with plants". These are the inspiring principles of Mei phytocosmetics, different from common cosmetics, as they are made with the purest essential oils extracted from wild medicinal plants. Mei phytocosmetics are free of petroleum jellies, parabens, paraffins and harmful chemical ingredients, whereas the emulsifiers, preservatives and surfactants have been replaced with "clean" plant raw materials with no side effects. Each skin type has its own needs which the Mei natural treatment lines are able to satisfy superbly.


Apricot Moisturizing Treatment

Duration: 50 min
€ 55

The pulp of the fruit and Apricot kernel essential oil, enhanced by fresh Cucumber pulp, are the perfect ingredients for maintaining younger skin’s hydration and freshness.


Tamanu Nourishing Treatment

Duration: 50 min
€ 60

Tamanu is a Polynesian nut that brides use to stay young and beautiful forever. Owing to its precious properties, the treatment is recommended for dry, dehydrated skin that is affected by the first signs of ageing.


Anti-Age Treatment with Argan and Silicon

Duration: 50 min
€ 65

Wild Argan oil strengthened with concentrated Silicon from Dolomite rock powder allow asphyxiated skin in need of oxygenation to be regenerated, offering deep nourishment and  smoothing of wrinkles. The Silicic Acid Gel mask is the most effective in combatting wrinkles and has a lightening effect even on spots due to age or photosensitivity.


Soothing treatment with Persian Rose

Duration: 50 min
€ 60

The property that cosmetology acknowledges in Persian Rose is that it gives skin the same velvety texture as its petals. This treatment is based on the action of precious Persian Rose essential oil which fully expresses all its intoxicating fragrance. Ideal for skin that is fair, delicate, reddened, fragile or with couperose. Also recommended for young skin to give it long-lasting luminosity and softness.


The body treatments are arranged into a series of exclusive proposals, identified according to individual imperfections and desired benefits.


Body Scrub

Duration: 25 min
€ 30

Delicate massage with exfoliating products that promote skin regeneration, greatly improving its appearance and favouring penetration of the active ingredients of creams and serums. Particularly recommended when seasons change and as a ritual for preparing the skin for the sun or for maintaining a tan.


Detoxifying and elasticizing treatment with Green Clay and Equisetum

Duration: 50 min
€ 65

Initial skin detoxification performed with Green Clay scrub is the first step in this treatment that gives new life to the skin of the body. After preparing the skin, an elasticizing and nourishing massage follows with Oil and Body Fluid made with Equisetum oil, Macadamia and Alfalfa plant extract.


START UP anti-cellulite drainage treatment

Duration: 50 min legs and abdomen
80 min total body
€ 60/95

In the START UP herbal poultice, mud is the main active ingredient in this effective lymphatic drainage treatment, a microcirculation and anti-cellulite stimulant. The effect is created by the recognized properties of the 8 essential oils it contains, activated by Curcuma and Ginger in Apple Cider Vinegar. Prior to applying the poultice, a detoxifying massage is carried out with a Green Clay scrub followed by a specific draining massage with Equisetum Oil and a final application of Juniper Gel. To combat fatty deposits, cellulite and stagnation of liquids, it is recommended that a cycle of treatments from 6 to 12 sessions over 3 months be performed.


Furtherly enhance your beauty.



Duration: 30 min
€ 20

Purify, exfoliate and moisturize your hands. Our professional manicure service aims at renewing the epidermis, making your skin softer and more velvety.

Application of semi-permanent polish € 25.



Duration: 30 min
€ 25

Customized and specific treatments dedicated to the care and beauty of your feet. The first step to obtain perfect feet begins with a ritual that starts from the very roots to spread a sensation of wellness all over your body.

Application of semi-permanent polish € 25.

All hair removal treatments with waxing are available upon demand.

Inner thighs

Epilation THE SPA

€ 20

Peeling Oxygenating Body scrub, followed by a gentle talc based waxing and a final Body Massage Tuscany.