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For a deep wellness, you can enrich your experience at THE SPA with a massage or with a wellness treatment. The expert hands of our specialists will be able to release the tension and to restore your body with regenerating and embracing paths. You will discover the true pleasure of taking care of your body and of your mind.



Relaxing massage

Duration: 25/50
€ 35/70

Sensorial massage performed with a sweet and hot oil with relaxing properties. A complete sensation of wellness will permeate this experience, providing you with a deep sensation of lightness, starting from your body and reaching your mind.


Back & Neck

Duration: 25/50
€ 35/70

Head, neck, shoulders and back can finally unwind and rediscover their vitality with this relaxing and stretching massage. Ideal to lift the stress and the tensions of an entire working day.


Relaxing Massage with Mei Oil

Duration: 25/50
€ 35/65

One of the benefits of having a relaxing massage is the reduction of blood pressure, anxiety and stress levels. A relaxing massage with Mei oil is particularly rich in essential oils extracted from wild plants, stimulating the production of endorphins, thus lifting the spirits of the person who receives it.


Aromatherapy Massage

Duration: 25/50
€ 35/70

This massage is adapted to the specific needs of each person.
Depending on the oil or mixture of oils used, it can have a calming, restful, oxygenating, energizing and firming effect on skin tissues. It may help against headaches and migraines.
These absolutely pure essential oils act directly on the entire nervous system as they are absorbed through the skin and olfactory sense.


Decontracting Massage

Duration: 50 min
€ 70

A decontracting massage serves to loosen muscle contractions that may occur due to improper movement or physical strain, perhaps after an intense workout.

It helps to restore normal muscle tone, oxygenating the body and also promoting the elimination of toxins.



Duration: 25 min
€ 35

A technique that acts on the lymphatic vessels to eliminate swellings and to foster lymphatic and venous circulation. It purifies and relaxes, fostering the reduction of blemishes, such as cellulite.